How to Restore AA1 to Original OS State? (Linpus)

Discussion in 'Acer Aspire One' started by gradstudent, Aug 31, 2008.

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    Aug 30, 2008
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    Hey AA1ers:

    Anyone have any info/procedures on how to restore the AA1 to its original partitions and OS state in linux?
    (Specs: A150 - 512MB/120G/Linpus/BIOS v3114/Blue/Bilingual Keyboard)

    I just got mine and it has to go back - one of the keys (i) was slightly deformed on arrival and you have to hammer it to type - really throws off already challenging touch typing (its small and its that annoying bilingual keyboard I didn't get around to remapping).

    I used the Linpus for a day, but I needed more compatibility with my existing files and apps so I installed XP on it. Once I started typing docs, it became apparent that the i-key defect was a no-go: I touch type normally and my words are missing the letter i unless I got back and really hammer the key.

    I also partitioned (NTFS) the drive into equal C and D drives for system and data files. There is another 1Gig partition that I left alone - I assume that is the restore partition. (so there are 3 partitions on the drive, 2x NTFS and one hidden factory restore partition)

    I see the kit comes with a linux restore CD in it - do I need that or how do I get to the restore partition and restore the machine to factory fresh for send-back? (or does anyone know if they will care and just replace the keyboard?) I didn't unwrap the manual or the dvd yet - if its going back, I figured maybe I'd leave it wrapped and just check here... ? ;-)

    Just a couple of other personal notes on the AA1 from me based on the 3 days I've had it now:
    - really like the unit, but it takes some getting used to the size; typing is tricky but you can get used to it fairly easily.
    - wish it had more screen resolution like the HP2133 in its size, but for the price its no contest; integrated bluetooth would be useful for a mouse. For taking notes in class, vertical resolution becomes more of an issue.
    - the screen angle clarity of the screen is not as good as I read about in the reviews - I find that vertically and horizontally, you notice it within a few degrees, unlike the wide angles and clarity I get with my Acer 3050 laptop. Did they change LCD's from the ones reviewed earlier in the summer?
    - installing XP-Pro SP3 was a breeze - just hooked up and external USB DVD drive to it and it recognized in the F12 boot menu and it went through like a charm.
    - I'm just assuming that wiping the OS did not void the warranty...
    - I'm not brave enough to crack it open and add more ram til the warranty is up (Note to Acer: just stick a door over the mem slot already! C'mon - we're fans!)
    - XP and my basic net/office apps seem to run well enough on the available 500 MB of ram; everything seems to work fine using the drivers linked at this site.
    - ordered the machine from in BC on Wed afternoon for $319.99 CDN + $9.99 shipping on sale and it arrived at my door (Ottawa) just after 1pm on Friday - very impressed.
    - $129 for a 6-cell battery? Yikes. How long before the compatible clone 6-cell batteries are available on Ebay?
    - if the AA1 is limited to 2G of RAM due to the limitations on the CPU/chipset by Intel, is it possible/is there a market for a 1.5G-DDR2533 memory chip?
    - I brought it to a lecture just after I got it (used it in class with the OEM Linux, which is really not bad) and I had 2 profs and a half dozen students try it out and ask me for the link on where I ordered it from - the size, capabilities, and price point of this unit and the genre of the mini-note really appeals to alot of people.
    - I'm sad I have to send it back, even if its only for a short time.

    gradstudent, Aug 31, 2008
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  2. gradstudent

    Guest Guest

    You have Recovery DVD for AAO - boot from it with F12 and will see :) Other option - boot with this DVD on other PC and make bootable USB stick, and then boot our AAO.
    Guest, Aug 31, 2008
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