hi! im just wondering if anyone can answer a Q, external HDD

Discussion in 'Laptop Hardware' started by MrShadow, Mar 25, 2021.

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    Mar 25, 2021
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    hi there,
    im a new user.

    i ordered an Asus tuf FA506 from amazon early today and its coming tomorrow (friday 26th march) im just using it for gaming,i have about three or four laptops with different specs and needs for them,the one im using now is purely a arch linux based laptop,its a business type laptop-so very lightweight which is good for my physical disability but totally rubbish sound card and gpu.

    i know very little about the modern techy side of computers unfortunately plus it doesnt help that i have classic autism and mild intellectual disability and epilepsy which has damaged my memory.

    i bought the toshiba HDTB410EK3AA canvio basics 1TB portable external HDD USB 3.0 as the asus laptop only has 256gb for its HDD,plus i have always had good experiences with toshiba laptops,microwaves,tvs etc and this portable HDD had 4 and half stars out of five and i think was an amazon choice product.-
    i read some reviews but they were saying how good it was and i didnt come across the ones saying it doesnt recognise game files-the reason im buying it is for storing my PC games on it via steam.

    im wondering....the people who all complained about it not recognising their game files were trying to hook it up to their games consoles and not a laptop with windows 10,so will it be compatible with steam/gaming?
    i dont get the HDD till monday so i am very anxious as to how it will behave.

    cheers thanks very much for reading.
    MrShadow, Mar 25, 2021
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