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Discussion in 'Which Laptop should I buy?' started by jmoore3247, Jun 26, 2021.

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    Jun 26, 2021
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    Need help with a laptop. I am a surgeon who uses my laptop all day every day. I would prefer to spend 1500-2000, which is way more than I'd like, but its a business expense and it is a very important tool for my job.
    I use it everyday, in my clinic, at home, etc. Things that are important to me:
    Battery- I don't need the best out there, but definitely top tier
    Portability- 1a and 1b with battery. I take this thing everywhere. I need it to fit easily in my briefcase and be light enough to carry comfortably with one hand. I take it in and out of patients exam rooms all day long. Also, due to narcotic presriber laws, I basically need to take it everywhere with me, including places like the golf course.
    Screen- must be touch, and also must be of high quality and resolution. I look at xrays, MRIs, ct scans all day long on this thing. I also will not get anything less than 13.5-14inchs. Preferably need antireflective as well
    I would prefer nothing less than 16:10 or 3:2. The 16:9 isn't as good but at the same time, this is diminished if I get a 14 inch. Would prefer 400 nit or higher as well. I don't think I need 4k or OLED as this just drains battery life.

    The rest is gravy, but the above are the most important criteria
    Finally, I need the laptop by September. With the AMD chip shortages, this may hose me a bit unfortunately.
    After way too much research online, I have narrowed it down to the following:
    1.) Surface laptop 4- I like the Ryzen chips but I realize this may be impossible to get at the moment. Battery life is top tier but not the best. Portability seems A+
    2.) HP Spectre x 360- Seems to hit all the marks. Although I wonder about portability. I had the X360 13 and it was surprisingly heavy and clunky for its size. I have also heard the fans make it unbearable
    3.) Dell Lat. 9420- also seems to hit all the marks but just silly expensive. The 9410 is nice and a good price at this point but I can't justify spending high $$ for a 10th gen intel at this point. But maybe I don't need the 11th gen? Thoughts?
    4.) HP Elitebook (either x360, regular, or aero)- Seem to have read some not so great things about the screen. I would need to get the Aero to make it under 3lbs I believe. Also, are they even available? I found a great AMD G8 aero on cdw but the nits were only 250, which I do think might be a deal breaker

    Appreciate all input and any other suggestions of laptops I may not have mentioned
    jmoore3247, Jun 26, 2021
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