Help me understand the different Asus F17 laptop models please!

Discussion in 'Laptop General Discussion' started by Akumanoishi, Jun 7, 2021.

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    Jun 7, 2021
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    Hello everyone.... i am new on the website...and kind of going crazy not understanding the difference between 3 laptops, so please don t "attack" me if I don't talk apropiately for this forum!

    So...i have been researching a lot the past week laptops.
    For my desired specs, budget and practicality.... i narrowed everything down to Asus Tuf gaming lapoptop model F17 FX706LI

    My issue is that after this model code(F17 FX706LI) there are a couple of different extensions...

    between this F17 FX706LI-H7135 and F17 FX706LI-HX217 the only difference is the screen refresh rate, respectively 120Hz and 144Hz. BOTH have the processor I7-10870H. ok, so far so good.

    but there is also this model F17 FX706LI-H7030 . same specs as the ones before(refresh rate 120Hz), except the processor i7-10750H.

    I will nickname the three models i wrote about as this

    FX706LI-H7135 = A
    FX706LI-HX217 = B
    FX706LI-H7030 = C

    I don't understand FIRst of all...why can't i find anywhere on the web detailed information about each model and their differences in ONE place.

    Second and most that i don't understand why B is the least expensive laptop even though it has the best specs...i mean bigger monitor refresh rate means more expensive right? but it isn't. As i said the only difference between A and B is the screen refresh rate...yet i don't understand why the laptop with less refresh rate is more expensive than the one with a bigger refresh rate. Am I Missing something here??

    And....taking into consideration here ONly the processors of the 3 laptops......Laptop C has a less powerful procesor than A and B, ...AND AGAIN laptop C is even more expensive than the others....Why? it has a shitier should be less expensive...
    it's the same story on many websites from my country(Romania)

    I just cannot find information about these subtle differences between the laptops, i mean one place/website...where i can see asus FX706LI and all its extensions(e.g.FX706LI-H7030, FX706LI-HX217, FX706LI-H7135)

    Can someone please clear the air....i don't want to end up buying anything less the best possbile option!!

    i am really frustrated because i cannot find clear and pinpoint information about these differences anywhere, so please, i ask for this community's Help !! ASAP upload_2021-6-7_4-40-47.gif upload_2021-6-7_4-40-47.gif !
    I promise to help back as much as i can in return !

    PS: i studied the price difference only in my country....but that still doesn't change the fact that i feel like i am missing something, and i want to know more about these different extensions.

    I also forgot to mention(actually the reason why i started this thread [​IMG]))) ) that the exact model i want to buy, I found it on only one website...and this website doesn't tell you the extension after FX706LI.
    The laptop i am talking about has the exact specs as laptop B, except the RAM, which is 16GB. I don't understand which model is this one exactly...because i can't find it anywhere else. I mean...the website should specifiy FX706LI-"blablabla", but it doesn't..... and in order for me to find the best price available i need to know the exact model, and i can't find it anywhere.

    So guys/ my frustration justified or not?
    Akumanoishi, Jun 7, 2021
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