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Discussion in 'Which Laptop should I buy?' started by aparente001, May 21, 2016.

  1. aparente001


    May 21, 2016
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    I would like to replace my Toshiba Portegé R835-P81 because the performance and resolution are not quite what I would like, and it has developed some overheating.

    Portegé specs:
    screen size: 13.3"
    screen resolution: 1366 x 768
    weight: 3.2 lbs

    I would like to find a laptop with slightly higher resolution and slightly lower weight, if possible. I do a lot of editing, with two Word docs open side by side, going back and forth between the two. This sort of works on the Portegé. It doesn't work AT ALL on my partner's Acer Aspire V5-131.

    I like the touchpad and the keyboard on the Portegé, and I hate the touchpad and keyboard on the Aspire. I use the Home key a lot. On the Aspire, you have to press the Function key in order to use the Home key (yuck).

    Interestingly, the resolution on the Aspire and the Portegé are the same, but the screen size on the Aspire is only 11.6", and I guess that's the reason I can't have two Word docs open side by side comfortably without changing the margins. (Yes, I could zoom out but then I'd get eye strain.)

    I do a lot of typing. I do not want a touch screen or Windows 10. (Would like Windows 7.)

    I would like built-in webcam for collaboration. Note, I am leery of a 0.66" thick laptop, concerned that it might have trouble keeping cool with a lot of processes running simultaneously:
    Two browsers with lots of tabs open
    MS Word
    Foxit PDF reader

    Thank you!
    aparente001, May 21, 2016
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  2. aparente001


    May 14, 2016
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    If the budget is not an issue for you, I'd recommend a Surface Pro 4.

    It is a lot lighter at only 1.733 pounds. Throw in the keyboard, it is only 2.37 pounds. The dimensions are 11.45 x 7.8 x .33 inches. A lot thinner than what you have right now.
    The screen resolution of Surface Pro 4 is 2736x1824 at 267 PPI. Far superior to what you have been using. The screen size is slightly smaller at 12.3", but coming from a 15.6" Dell Vostrol 1500, I have get used to it really quick.

    It has touch screen. You can also easily split screen in Windows 10. So you can compare two docs side by side as you mentioned.

    There is a webcam. In fact you can even use your face to login. It will scan your face. :)

    While it is a 2-in-1 device, Surface Pro 4 is a full laptop by nature, as well as a full (big) tablet if you wish it to be one.

    I have been using my Surface Pro 4 since last October. The hardware I picked are Core i5, 8GB RAM, 256GB SSD.
    I have full Office suit installed on it. So I do have Word and Excel. Oh, I usually have 30+ tabs open in Firefox. :p
    Vash, May 22, 2016
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