Firefox 3 Install -- Need "firefox-files.tar.gz"

Discussion in 'Linux' started by mrmopwater, Nov 3, 2008.

  1. mrmopwater


    Nov 3, 2008
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    I followed these instructions ( ... page5.html) on how to install Firefox 3 while retaining the Firefox 2 functionality that some of the other preinstalled progs need.

    The instructions ended up linking to a guy whose site is down (bandwidth problem??) Anyway, I ran a script he wrote, and stupid me (didn't read the script) it instructed the AA1 to download a file from his site (which, again, is down). Does anyone know where I can get this file: firefox-files.tar.gz?? Is it some file he made?

    A cached version of the site I got the script from is here: ... us&strip=1

    Jorge Ulver -- if you read this, email me!
    mrmopwater, Nov 3, 2008
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