Curious about Samsung software for 6-7 yr old Ativ Book 9

Discussion in 'Samsung' started by tn_cat_daddy, Jun 24, 2021.

  1. tn_cat_daddy


    Jun 24, 2021
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    I know I'm probably reaching here, but I just bought an old Samsung NP940X5J-K02US that has Windows 10 installed on it. I imagine the last owner just did a fresh install, from the looks of it. All the devices are recognized and seem to be A-OK, but silly stuff like the Fn key functions don't work, of course, including the keyboard backlight. All I really miss is that one. I don't suppose anyone has found a way to rig this old unsupported laptop's keyboard backlight, have you?


    tn_cat_daddy, Jun 24, 2021
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