Conflicted Vostro 3525

Discussion in 'Storage' started by TeaLeaf, Jan 11, 2023.

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    Jan 11, 2023
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    Hi all,

    July 2022 I obtained a Vostro 3525. Win 11, 512 SSD, 512 Mem

    When I try to use an attached device to either of the USB 2.0 ports the device is not seen by File Manager (or whatever the name is). For instance, if I attach a FDD the only action I can do is to utilise the 'Send To' option to send a file to the 3.5" FDD. I can only utilise the root directory due to the fact I cannot make any sub-directories (Folders) as I do not have the access. I don't believe this has anything to do with permissions as I can make sub-directories on memory sticks. The issue also applies to CD-R/CD-RW devices. I've tried at least three makes.

    I contacted Dell who, to be honest, were out of their depth. Started of with the Chat Bot. They went round in circles chasing their tail and kept asking what the problem is. I suggested they take remote control to see for themselves the issue(s) but at that level they said they could not. Next level up (Tech (?) Bod in India). Again, not willing to do a remote take-over of the PC and finally says they will need to look at the laptop at one of their service centres. However, they have failed to collect the laptop and refuse to reply to my e-mails,

    As I'm not likely to make any headway in this matter with that attitude I will have to issue a summons to the Small Claims Court. Until the collection of data is completed I thought I would ask more knowledgeable people for their view.

    Due you think the issue is hardware, software or driver related?


    TeaLeaf, Jan 11, 2023
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