cleaned out vents, msiab gpu tweak, perf power, HUGE temp differences

Discussion in 'Laptop General Discussion' started by Hertzian56, May 29, 2023.

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    Mar 19, 2023
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    I have a tongfang named gateway creators i510300h, 2060m, 16gb, from 2020 and lately noticed a slight fan hum on one side occasionally. I think it's the gpu fan. And in game which is usually 75c or so noticed it was getting to lik 84-86c on the 2060 so I made a couple of changes and wow both my cpu and gpu dropped almost 20c doing the same things.

    I've always occasionally opened the bottom and blew out the fans but never actually took out the fans to clear all parts and vents and finally did this and was surprised at the mustache level of hair and dust that is hard to see unless you take out the fans. I've had this from new in 12-2020 so it's been almost 2.5 years as my main computer every day. I have some arctic silver laying around and might repaste in the near future but WOW I'm surprised after that long the vents weren't worse. Take out your fans and clean out the vents and such every year or so if you're good about having a low dust environment around your computer. Fan life will be prolonged and the heat profile of the system will be much better for longevity.

    I still notice the small hum to one of the fans so I waited too long to do this cleaning, I'm just hoping it doesn't fail any time soon because once it does I either have to go get another fan or another laptop. It's an off brand so finding the fans isn't as easy or cheap as your typical major brand is. And the hum only does so at certain ramp up and down times not all the time so it's unknown if it's bearing failure or not, but it's not a sonic anomaly tied to the dust bunnies and such since those are gone now and it still does it here and there.

    I also have only the dgpu 2060 enabled via the mux switch in the bios and also had the ultimate power setting in windows enabled which was overkill. So I have just the performance setting. I also had the cpu at 100% min while plugged in which is also overkill so I changed it back to 5% minimum while plugged in to save the fans some work and also the power bill. In RDR2 this lowered the cpu temps by 20c for very similar performance just more microstutters on occasion for the cpu and gpu to catch up to high action and npc events. But WOW huge difference for not much effort should have done this a long time ago.

    For GPU I noticed the in game temps about 7-10c higher using MSIAB along w the fan hum issue. So I briefly tried undervolting it which did not really result in lower temps then reading around someone said to limit the max power in MSIAB and I did that to 85% and wow it lowered the temps the exact percentage down. Went down 15c for virtually the same perf in game. It just didn't boost as high, usually boosted to it's max around 1800-1900Mhz it was not much more over 1100Mhz the whole time playing RDR2. No visual difference and likely lost a few fps but it's locked at 60fps so a range of like 37-60 in high use areas. I since bumped it to 90% probably keep it there.

    So wow just doing some simple tweaks and deep cleaning, the temps are way lower, with very little noticeable perf loss. I just hope this can delay the fan problem for a few months or until I take the time to source new fans.
    Hertzian56, May 29, 2023
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