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Discussion in 'Acer Aspire One' started by mactoshb, Jan 16, 2010.

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    Jan 16, 2010
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    I have a aspire 8930G with Blu-ray which played Blu-ray DVds normally.
    Lately it will only play normal DVDs, detecting them and automatically starting acer Arcade and playing them.
    On putting in a Blu-ray however it only opens a window on the desktop with a folder of the files on the disk.
    If I start Arcade manually with a Blu-ray in the player and click on Play it waits about a minute and asks me to put a disk in the player.
    i have tried all the options in Windows Autoplay, such as Always ask etc, none of which seem to make any difference.
    I have access to a similar machine and compared drivers etc and there does not seem to be anything different, the other machine plays Blu-ray and just appears to have the same driver with no dedicated one for Blu-ray
    Have uninstalled the dvd drive and let Windows reinstall, no difference, looked on Acer site for any patches etc
    If anyone can make any suggestions I would appreciate any help, it is out of warranty andbeing broke I could do without having to pay some shop

    Since writing the above I have downloaded and installed a trial version of an independent Blue ray player, this detects the bluray disk and plays it. It was CyberlinkDVD and also downloads a program to see if your laptop chas any problems with blu-ray, I had to update my graphics and when done it gave a clean bill of health
    The point I am making is that despite the indepenfdent program detecting and playing Acer Gridvista still does not see the disk, Does this mean it is a software problem?

    Upgraded to Windows 7 (Fault present before upgrade)
    Core 2 duo
    4GB DDR2
    18.4" screen
    Thanks Boyd
    mactoshb, Jan 16, 2010
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