Asus e406M SSD EMMC not found on BIOS no boot up no Windows install

Discussion in 'Storage' started by rjcamatos, Jan 21, 2022.

  1. rjcamatos


    Jan 21, 2022
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    Im with a laptop Asus e406MAS / e406M.
    On boot up the laptop enter directly in bios, and it display no hard drive detected.
    I already try to replace the ssd and it contiune to display the reference message.
    I test the ssd with a programer and it says evrything is in good state.
    I upgrade the bios, and nothing, i downgrade the bios and nothing.
    I solder an ssd from same model laptop and it continue to say ssd not found on bios.
    Try to install the windows and add the hipset and ssd drivers to see if the ssd it's recognized and nothing.
    Already try the procuders mention os asus ssd problems trouble shouting.

    Ther is a way to fix this problem?

    Best Regards,
    Ricardo Matos.
    rjcamatos, Jan 21, 2022
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