Asus Charger for e10ma-211

Discussion in 'Asus' started by mfwmccurdy, Jun 8, 2023.

  1. mfwmccurdy


    Jun 8, 2023
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    I am looking to bulk purchase laptops for a summer camp but it seems the e10ma-211 that I have previously used is mostly out of stock or not sold anymore. I was hoping there was a way where I could purchase a newer (or older) model that had compatible charging specs, but can't seem to figure out which might share a charger with that model. The charging specs are as follows:
    input 100-240v
    output 19v 3.42A
    connector size4.0 x 1.35mm
    max power 65w
    Model number ADP-33Aw y

    I've seen others that seem to share a similar spec online but doesn't list the e410m among their charging coverage, any help would be appreciated

    many thanks!
    mfwmccurdy, Jun 8, 2023
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