AOD150-1165 - Win7 Beta (7000) - How to use EAP FAST?

Discussion in 'Networking' started by JWhipple, Mar 27, 2009.

  1. JWhipple


    Mar 13, 2009
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    I'm using an Acer Asprire One (10.1") AOD150-1165 with an Atheros 5007EG wireless card.

    Under Vista I had to follow the directions at ... puter.aspx to install, as the included/available drivers didn't install it.

    Under Vista it installs fine and now gives me the option of using EAP FAST for wireless connections.

    Under Win7 Beta (x32) it looks like it installs fine using the same instructions, but it doesn't give me the option of EAP FAST to connect to a wireless network.

    Has anyone found another way to make it work?

    I don't mind having to use a wired connection while at my desk, but elsewhere in the building wired is not always an option!

    My 10.1" Aspire One has been upgraded to 2GB RAM w/ a Seagate 320GB HD running at 7200RPM w/ 16MB cache - runs great , just has the Wireless issue under Win7 !

    JWhipple, Mar 27, 2009
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  2. JWhipple


    May 2, 2009
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    EAP-FAST is a Cisco product, not Windows. Most likely Cisco hasn't addressed EAP-FAST in Windows 7 Beta and probably won't until the full release.

    chasbo67, May 2, 2009
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