AOA 110 Wireless Upgrade (Help a Noob out)

Discussion in 'Acer Aspire One' started by Immurent, Jan 8, 2013.

  1. Immurent


    Jan 8, 2013
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    I bought this laptop second hand (used) to play around with and to mod, but, I need some help.
    I have a few questions.

    First, Why are there two wireless cards in the laptop ? To be more specific, why are there two spots that take wireless cards ?

    Second, when I opened up my laptop to take a look, I noticed that mine had only one wireless card, located underneath the keyboard area near the trackpad. An "Atheros AR5BXB63". But, when I look at online guides to disassembling the ZG5, they always show the removal of "two" wireless cards (one near the battery and the other one near the trackpad). Why ? Is mine missing something :confused: :eek:

    Third, "N" capable mini pci express wireless cards have three antenna plugs as opposed to the stock Atheros one that I have (which has two antenna plugs). So, what would happen if I plugged in only the two antenna wires onto the N card, ommiting the third plug ? (Would it not function to its full capability?) ..... :confused:

    I think that's it.

    I'm not very technically versed when it comes down to "networking stuff"...

    Please help me out !
    Thank you.
    Immurent, Jan 8, 2013
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  2. Immurent


    Jun 9, 2012
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    I think some of these netbooks supported SIM cards for a wireless connection and the extra mini pci was used for this purpose. If you do some research, some have managed to swap out the Atheros card for a certain Broadcom model that worked. When I upgraded my similar model AOA-150 to Windows 7, the Atheros card was not supported by a reliable driver. I therefore simply disabled the Atheros card in Device Manager and bought this:
    THe tiny dongle operates at "n" speeds and only sticks out about 1/4 inch. Best $8 I ever spent. Seems to also operate on most operating systems. Suggest you go that route.
    Nestone50, Jan 10, 2013
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  3. Immurent


    Mar 13, 2012
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    I have an AOA150 with 3G capabilities and indeed the internal 3G card is situated under the small lid in the bottom of the computer. If your machine really has the second (the first one being accessible only after removing the keyboard and all, usually holding the wlan card) mini pci-e connector onboard, it is originally shipped with either the 3G card or upgrade possibility. The vanilla models come without the 2nd connector, the lid is there but there is no connector inside the hatch. If yours has the connector, remove the battery to see if the SIM entry slit is accessible behind it. If it is there, it is probably easy to fit in an internal 3G modem.
    pertsavk, Feb 26, 2013
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