Anyone tried Broadcom BCM70012 or Bcm970015mod on Aspire ZG5?

Discussion in 'Laptop Hardware' started by idmah, May 14, 2018.

  1. idmah


    May 14, 2018
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    Video playback is abysmal on the ZG5.
    Just wondering if anyone has tried the BCM70012 or Broadcom Bcm970015 Crystal HD Video Decoder
    on their ZG5?
    It did wonders for our appleTv so thought it might be worth a try.

    I've installed windows 8.1 on a USB key which sort of runs after installing the updated Intel drivers
    I would replace the internal with an USB - Wifi. Any issues with drivers if I do?


    ps. or any other cards.
    Last edited: May 14, 2018
    idmah, May 14, 2018
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