Android App Support Coming to Chromebooks

Discussion in 'Chrome OS' started by ProNine, Jul 7, 2016.

  1. ProNine


    Jul 24, 2015
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    So, as the title says, Google has announced that soon enough, a new update will roll out in which android apps are supported on the Chromebooks. Users will be given access to the Play Store which will allow them to download Android apps onto their Chromebooks for much more functionality with apps such as Microsoft Word, games, and even good editing software. Soon enough, these laptops might actually be a laptop replacement rather than something you'd simply give you to someone incompetent with laptops.
    ProNine, Jul 7, 2016
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  2. ProNine


    Jan 18, 2016
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    It was self evident that Google will someday roll this feature. Since Google Play, Chrome and Android are all Google's product it was natural for chromebook to support Android apps. I have never used chromebook,however, after this integration, I am kind of fascinated to use Chromebook. I need a netwbook badly and I believe chromebook is a good choice,.
    vinaya, Jul 8, 2016
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  3. ProNine


    Feb 21, 2016
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    They announced plans for this years ago, and now they announced again but it will only work on selected Chromebook models, almost all of them though, but a few were left behind, like mine, but mine is very very old, I was an early adopter, and that was probably a bad idea.

    I don't understand the reasoning for not doing this sooner, even from the start, this could have boosted Chromebook sales a lot, but yet again, they are probably doing some very serious technical and difficult job to accomplish this since it is taking them literally years to get it done.

    I also don't know how are they gone to handle applications that rely on multi touch for their interfaces.
    fcuco, Jul 28, 2016
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