Acer Aspire One D2

Discussion in 'Acer' started by Anonymous, Nov 21, 2015.

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    Nov 21, 2015
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    My Acer Laptop suddenly turned off even thou my batter is fully charge and i already tried removing the battery from the acer and discharge any remaining juice by holding down the power button for 1 min. i also plugged my AC charger to my laptop without the battery to see if it has a problem in the battery but i cant still turn on my laptop. the second attemp of repeating the diacharging the process, I tried to put the battery and charge my laptop and gladly it's working but when i press the power button my laptop doesnt turn on..pls help me resolve this problem

    ps. the battery led indicator blink when the ac charger is plugged with no battery inserted and when the battery is inserted after discharging it then plugged in the ac charger it's completely charging...the problem is i can't turn on my laptop
    Anonymous, Nov 21, 2015
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  2. Anonymous

    something back

    Jun 25, 2011
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    North of the Watford Gap ,UK
    Acer's can be prone to retaining a static charge in the ram.

    Try removing the ram, then refitting the same ram.

    A build up of fluff on the fan, and blocked vents can also
    cause the laptop not to start.

    Try to power on, and press F2 to see if the laptop will boot to
    the motherboard screen.

    In the boot menu of the motherboard see if the hard drive is listed
    it could just be a broken hard drive.
    something back, Nov 22, 2015
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