7 won't turn off - Stops at "Shutting down"-page

Discussion in 'Windows' started by MathiasVH, May 14, 2009.

  1. MathiasVH


    Dec 5, 2008
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    Hi experts ;)

    I have two problems that are driving me insane.

    1) I can't install a fully working driver for my Atheros. I have tried all drivers mentioned in the "Windows 7 drivers"-forum, but none of those fully working (Still blinking light). The last option I could see working is deleting that "TrustedInstaller"-protected driver, but I have no clue of how to do that.

    2) Since installing Windows 7 on my brand new AAO 160gb HDD 1,5gb RAM, installed as only OS, my PC hasn't been able to turn off. I get stuck at either "Logging off" or "Shutting down" - And that's it! It's always to be turned off by pressing down the Power-button, but that isn't the healthiest solution to my little netbook..

    SO - What can I do? Please notice that this problem has excisted since install - It can't be any software installed since that's causing the problem. Now, I have seen a difference when uninstalling the driver for the Atheros-card (PC freezes at "Shutting down" instead of "Logging off", but problem still isn't resolved. Please don't give me the "Google-it"-answer, as I have done this countless of times..

    MathiasVH, May 14, 2009
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