16gb SSD Linpus - dual booting from the SSD

Discussion in 'Storage' started by pixel, Apr 22, 2009.

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    Apr 22, 2009
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    I have the 16gb SSD, 1gb ram Linpus AA1, and want to dual boot with something like eeebuntu. I know there are workarounds to get SD booting working, but I would rather use the SSD. I don't want to ditch Linpus for when the missus uses it.

    There seem to be some references to the 16gb SSD being an 8gb SSD and 8gb SD, but both my SD slots are free - are these older versions?

    My SSD has a 1gb swap partition, a ~1gb Linpus recovery partition, and the main ~13gb partition. I have attempted to use qtparted to resize the main partition, with no joy. There appears to be some de-duplication type config which stops qtparted working; at least there are an awful lot of shared inodes.

    I though I could I kill the main partition and create two new 6.5gb partitions, then use the recovery process to reinstall Linpus. Does anyone know if the recovery process (whether by recovery partition or recovery disk) recreates the main partition? If no-one knows, I will probably just have a go and see, but if someone can confirm that would be great.

    I know my way round Linux, so I'm not worried about doing the work; I just don't want to waste my time if this is something that people have confirmed doesn't work.

    pixel, Apr 22, 2009
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